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Books to Dominate Married Women - Chapter 34

Seed and Field

 『gunyu~gunyu~, juchu~juchu~, zuryu~zuryuu~~』『rero~rero~, picha~picha~, ngu~nguu~~』

 『Akira-kun make me take oral contraceptives prescribed by obstetrics and gynecology department, and be careful not to get pregnant. Then, are you not doing contraception on this horny whore that full of nasty meat?』

 Firmly hold the waist of the forty-year-old overripe body of a masochism married woman who currently is in the posture on all fours on the bed while pierced by my erect penis in the doggy position violently. I make Vice-principal this amorous married woman service my neighbor by making this horny whore using her tongue licking the female genitalia of Sato Asami-san who is having frustration from her husband long-term business trip. Asami-san's looks at Vice-principal love nectar that overflow and how my penis insert in the vagina without the contraceptives asked.

 『Yes, Asami-san. This horny whore that full of nasty meat have a daughter that doesn't know who the father is. Husband of this horny whore is older than her twenty years old and doesn't seem to care about the daughter is his own child or not. Is that right, whore?』

 『jupo~jupo~. Yes, Ichijo-sama. The husband of my this horny whore only full of nasty meat, is convinced on his own that the child who I gave birth to is his own child♪』

 Well, in fact. Because Vice-principal and her husband are still working on the night of the couple. So, even if Vice-principal got pregnant now, there is also a possibility that the child may be her husband's child.

 『juchu~juchu~, zuryu~zuryu~, gunyu~gunyuu~~』『picha~picha~, ngu~ngu~, rero~reroo~~』

 What Asami-san's thinking about after listening about the story of Vice-principal?

 『I know Akira-kun already know about this as my neighbor. There are no children between me and my husband. It's not we don't try to make a child, but my husband is a seedless man』

 『zuryu~zuryu~, gunyu~gunyu~, juchu~juchu~~』『ngu~ngu~, rero~rero~, picha~picha~~』

 There is no seed. It means male infertility.

 『Asami-san's husband is the same as my father is a working man. I think that he will not treat his male infertility until he stops working his life-long work』

 『gunyu~gunyu~, juchu~juchu~, zuryu~zuryu~~』『rero~rero~, picha~picha~, ngu~ngu~~』

 Asami-san talked to me while taken the service of Vice-principal.

 『Yes, That's right, Akira-kun. Even my husband seems to be an anxiety about his old age. I think he wants a child if possible. If can find a male who can provide sperm which is a healthy offspring, I think it is possible he won't oppose me to get pregnant with that male offspring』

 Just public Pension and Healthcare system alone, the life in old age is uneasy and I can understand the feeling that wants a child.

 『juchu~juchu~, zuryu~zuryu~, gunyu~gunyu~~』『picha~picha~, ngu~ngu~, rero~rero~~』

 『You mean that you want me to spread my seed in the field of Asami-san's womb to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy child?』

 『Yes. Akira-kun』


 『Like this Asami-san, Can you exchanged letters with your husband say that the sperm provider was found but keep my name in hidden? If Asami-san's husband approved to let Asami-san who is his wife to take this sperm donor. I'm glad to cooperate with you as a sperm provider』

 Asami-san responds to my reply with a smile.

 『Thank you. Akira-kun♪』

 Asami-san who is still an early thirties married woman seemed also want a child.

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