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Books to Dominate Married Women - Chapter 33

Married Woman and Nasty Whore

 『gunyu~gunyu~, juchu~juchu~, zuryu~zuryu~~』

 『Thank you so much Asami-san. For allowing this nasty whore in your room, let me say "Thank" properly』

 『Don't worry about it, Akira-kun. It's also fun to have a nasty whore sandwiched between Akira-kun and me♪』

 After leaving the mansion of a twenties-years widow who I seriously thinking about the future with, Kodaira Mina-san, with Okaa-san. Even when I came back to my apartment I always thinking about snow-white fine-soft skin of Mina-san and Okaa-san make love together, so I call a forty-years old horny vice-principal and go to the room of the late thirties married woman, Asami-san in the next door. In the room, I let vice-principal get in all four on the bed and I pierced her easy-wet female hole from the back in the doggy style with my rock-hard male instrument. At the same time, I make vice-principal licking the female genitalia of the late thirties married woman, Asami-san.

 『Your this nasty whore, hurry up to say "Thank" to Asami-san』

 『jupo~jupo~. Yes, Ichijo-sama. Sato-sama, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting my this low nasty whore』

 Even though vice-principal is a nasty woman who has relationships with many men at the same time in her school-days but now she can only do the nightlife with her pale-couple who is older than her 20 years old husband once a week, not to, this forty years old vice-principal also is an indecent lust woman. Sato Asami-san is also so, when her husband was on a long-term business trip, Asami-san who had frustration inside had a night with her former classmate. Also, vice-principal is masochism always hope for own students treated her like a thing.

 『juchu~juchu~, zuryu~zuryu~, gunyu~gunyu~』『From now on not only order from me but also from Asami-san too. You have to offer that horny lump of meat of your to us to use anytime we want to. Understand, horny whore』

 Vice-principal who is in all four pierced by a teen boy rock-hard penis in a doggy style, shake her head up and down while dripping saliva from her mouth with an ecstatic expression on the greed and pleasure of this treatment.

 『Haha~ Yes~~ Ichijo-sama. If I who is a whore with a mass of horny meat can be used to Sato-sama, I'm happy to use this lewd body of mine to Sato-sama, I pledge』

 Sato Asami-san who is a frustrated thirties married woman in the next door looks at vice-principal who captivated by lust and showing the obscene attitude with a smile.

 『From now on, your lewd body will be used by Akira-kun and me. Nasty whore♪』

 Vice-principal looking up to Asami-san with the excited expression.

 『Yes, Sato-sama. As a nasty whore with a mass of horny meat, I am honored to be used to Ichijo-sama and Sato-sama♪』

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