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Books to Dominate Married Women - Chapter 29

Easy wet female meat hole

 『Yuryuu~yuryuu~, zunyuu~zunyuu~, bichoo~bichoo~~』

 『What an amazing flood, whore. Did you want to get a young boy's rock-hard cock in your horny meat hole this much?』

 In the position of the back sitting position, a 40 years old married woman, vice-principal is invited my male instrument into her female instrument. She lowers her head while flushing the whole body from ashamed of her behavior.

 『Yes, Ichijou-sama. A pathetic lump of meat I will be joyful if Ichijou-sama's sturdy thing insert into my horny meat hole. I can't stop the love juice that overflows from my horny meat hole anymore』

 Because vice-principal is a 40 years old woman. Compared with 20-odd widow woman Mina-san who take care of her skin so carefully, she's inferior in glossy. Even though compared with 30-odd married woman next door Asami-san's rich breast, there's no tightness but it's sagging too. A woman who has 20 years older than her as a husband could not be satisfied with the husband and wife's nightlife alway repeatedly comfort herself with sex toys. If compared with easy wetting, I think this 40 years old ripe female body, vice-principal is the best among the other women I was sleeping until now.

 『Munyuu~munyuu~, momi~momii~, kunyuu~kunyuu~~』

 『Ahh~, aaahh~~ I-Ichijou-sama』

 The strong point of the posture back sitting position is her whole body sitting back to me on my lap. It's easy to do breasts massage from behind.

 『Your nipples are also erecting, you horny female pig. Not only your lower mouth sloppy with love juice, your upper mouth also dripping with saliva. Vice-principal really is a greedy horny whore!』

 『Haaha, Yes, Ichijou-sama. A pathetic lump of meat I wholeheartedly seeking Ichijou-sama mercy~』

 『Momi~momii~, muni~munii~, munyuu~munyuu~』

 Sagging breasts of this MILF with no tightness just got extra meat attached, I rub and pinch as I like from behind while the lower body connected in the sitting posture. It's so comfortable and full of self-satisfaction from my desire to dominate her.

 『As a master, I willing to show mercy to you this pitiful horny whore and rubbing your poor breasts already. Aren't you know how to pleasing your master, horny whore? Shake yourself harder!!』

 『Yes, Ichijou-sama♪』

 Vice-principal seems to fully recognize me as her master already not as a student at her workplace anymore.

 『Munyuu~munyuu~, muni~munii~, momi~momii~~』

 Hmm, there are things only for 40 years old married woman like her good at. Although the movement itself is calm. Vice-principal uses her hip is acting cautiously to capturing the part where men feel pleasure.

 『Did your horny whore's meat hole sucking the cock of men other than your husband this way too?』

 To my question full of despise tone, vice-principal lowered her head while her white naked body slightly changing to red.

 『Y-Yes, Ichijou-sama. I have a man other than my husband before, but now I already broke up with him about one year ago. So, I stop receiving the male instrument of men other than my husband about one year ago』

 Have a 60 years old husband who 20 years older than you as a nightlife partner once a week. Without being able to calm the hotness of an aged female body of 40 years old. That's why she comes here to read an ero novel and comforting herself alone in this villa.

 『From now on I will use your pathetic meat hole when I feel like it. As a master, when I ordered you to open your crotch, you have to open your horny whore crotch at anytime anyplace』

 To my order, vice-principal show a joyful expression from the cruelty dominated by a young boy.

 『Yes, Ichijou-sama. I will vow to obey all of Ichijou-sama's order♪』

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