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Books to Dominate Married Women - Chapter 23

 Vibration and pleasure that transmitted through the ripe female body

『Guchu~guchu~, Juryu~juryu~, Zunyuu~u~』『Ahh~, iiunn~~』

 I inserted my erection male instrument and move back and forth in the ripe female body of Asami who is crawling all four on the bed in the posture of the doggy position.
 Through this ripe female body, Asami-san inserting her tongue to Okaa-san's female genitalia, Okaa-san also sensual my movements.

『Juryu~juryuu~, Zunyu~zunyuu~, Guchu~guchu~』『Uun~~, Fuu~un~』

 As Asami-san crawling on the bed all the time so I can only see her back. As for Okaa-san served by Asami-san's tongue skill her front fully displays in my front. According to the movement of my waist, I can look closely at the moment Okaa-san leaks out of enchanted sweet breath. What is evoked excitement stimulates the beast that slept in my soul.

『Muku~uu~, Mukuku~~』『Akira-kun's male instrument is getting more and more bigger inside of me~♪』

 Asami-san's wetting the whole face with her saliva and love juice from Okaa-san's female genitalia said with a smile. I also smiled and nodded.

『The condition of the mucosa of the vaginal wall of Asami-san's ripe female genitalia is very comfortable』

 With a smile on my face, I look at Okaa-san's front.

『I'm very excited as a teenage boy who can look at own mother in a sexy and charming appear who let herself into pleasure』

 When heard what I said, the whole body of Okaa-san shakes while staring at me bashful then shows me a generous smile of adult women.

『I'm glad that Akira could say so♪』

 As a woman also as a mother who exposing her nakedness to own son in the distance you can touch her body if you extend your hand.
 I returned my focus again to Asami-san who is connected with me in the doggy position.

『I want to move my waist violently and forcefully like a furious beast. Is it okay, Asami-san?』

 The 30-odd married woman gazing at me with the frustrated expression of the female hungry and thirst for lust.

『Yes, Akira-kun. Please push me with your hard and strong male genitalia like a wild beast to your heart's content♪』

 When I got permssion from Asami-san, I grasp the waist of Asami-san who is fixation on all four.

『Then I'll move without reserve. And Okaa-san too, is it okay?』

 Okaa-san also nods to my confirmation with the look full of hope for the satisfaction that has forgotten for a long time.

『Yes, Akira. You can move as you like. Make me and Asami-san satisfy well♪』

 Asami-san is an acquaintance of Okaa-san from childhood. These two married women who I had a feeling to and admiring since childhood, now I can make two of them satisfying at the same time tonight.

『Yes, Okaa-san. I will satisfy both of you』

 To my replied, Okaa-san and Asami-san nodded with the enchanted expression.

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